What’s the Percentage Barack Obama Will Buy a Basket Ball Team?? [VIDEO]

Barack Obama  at event pointing at audience

Photo Cred: Isa Foltin / Contributor

ESPN 2’s Jalen & Jacoby Breakdown key points about a rumor that the 44th President, Barack Obama, might be getting into an NBA team. Questions like does Barack pay in, or get paid to be apart of it? Will Players take short money to play with him… could he stop contracts being signed for other teams…. What team would be best…. All key questions;


But I want to tell these gentlemen….. That B.O. talk… a word of advice, I’d hold up on that with MR. OBAMA…. now, not to be sensitive because we truly miss him, we can handle Barack Obama, that is his name…. and y’all may be on some cool fish, really love the big guy, but dawgs…. B. O., I know that’s actually his initials, I don’t really care, with the circus currently in the district of columbia (yes it’s lower case on purpose), at this this point in time, 44th President Of The United States, The Honorable Mr. Barack Obama shall not be ‘Perceived’ in any form of negativity, especially when he got sandwiched between 2 cookie P’s(for Presidents