WHOA! Someone From ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Is About To Get EXPOSED? [VIDEO]

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta title screen

Well someone’s not very happy.

Joseline Hernandez went on Instagram Live last night and threatened to expose Mona Scott-Young over the way she felt she was treated on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

“I’mma come back in about five minutes. I need ya’ll to have yall phones ready to record what I’m about to tell you about this b***h Mona [Scott-Young] and how she muthf***ing treated her cast members and all the s*** that she’s done to us throughout the muthaf***ing years. I’m a let everybody know. I want you to hashtag Oprah and I want to go sit down with Oprah. Can ya’ll hashtag that?”

Some of the anger seems to be on the scene of the taping of the reunion show where according to TheShadeRoom, she actually quit the show altogether.

If you’re interested in the madness see the rant below.