Y’all Think Coco is a Culture Vulture Because Of Her Coco Scoop Braids? [VIDEO]

Coco ustin performs during The Pool After Dark at Harrah's Resort on Saturday July 1

(Photo Cred: Tom Briglia / Contributor )

Yeah y’all may be a little doing too much IF you think Coco, Ice T’s wife, is a Culture Vulture because she calls braids something of her own, like Coco Scoop braids!! Now she should prob slow up on the Beyonce talk, but Coco has been in ‘our culture’ for quite some time… she got babies… come on y’all, leave Coco alone, you see she’s stressed about this;

Keep in mind, y’all are like that because of that Kylie girl, Chill, Coco’s not her.