Zoey Dollaz Handles These Bars in #Freestyle040 With Funk Flex [VIDEO]

Zoey Dollaz in Hot97 studio

Flex has been saying ‘Not everyone can come up here’, and I’ve been seeing some trolls say ‘anyone can come up there, 40 ppl have gone up there’, Ok let me break this down for you literal stutter stucks…Anyone WITH BARS can come up, YET, Not everyone has bars, some artist depend on ‘how’ they say something, like a mumble. So if an artists’ flow is really the melodic rhythm of the song, but they’re not really saying anything, or you can’t really understnd what they’re saying all the time, you just like the melodic flow of the song, then those artist probably can’t come up. A Real Rapper, an MC, that’s who can, and Zoey Dollaz, a southern rapper possibly perceived as a mumble rapper, that came through and ‘handled these bars like a bicycle’ ;