‘It’s Real’ Lil’ Boost Mobil Opens Up On His Who’s Next Experience [VIDEO]

Lil Boost Mobil x Drewski

This year, HOT 97 started a brand new campaign with Facebook in which curators from across the country chose the artist they believed will be a part of the next generation of artists.

Lil Boost Mobil rose in front of the crop as one of the more charismatic artists showcased and got an opportunity to perform live at this year’s Summer Jam festival stage!

“It’s real,” he said as he explained how he believed it was the end after the show. Little did he know that it was only the beginning.

He continues to grow as an artist, as he plans to give his fans a brand new mixtape Still Didn’t Make It II on August 24, and a brand new album one month later, on September 26.

It all started with one trip to Facebook messenger.

For more information on how to sign up for a similar opportunity click here.

Watch him talk about his journey thus far with Drewski below.