Listen To The Who’s Next: Top Rated Playlist! [VIDEO]

Vena Love

Are you Who’s Next?

We are giving artists a great opportunity to be seen with the platform Who’s Next. Every month YOU choose who makes it on the Top 20 leaderboard. Those on that leaderboard get an opportunity to perform at our monthly Who’s Next Live show, get an editorial feature written on the artist, or even be featured on our playlist!

The Most Rated Playlist will feature artists that are included in the Top 20 leaderboard, and will be refreshed regularly. Some of this week’s tracks are from Vina Love, Sheem Kluaf, Majix, Ransum & More!

Don’t miss an opportunity to finally get your music heard by the Hot 97 community of curators, influencers, and DJ’s! Want to rate music and be one of our curators? For more information click here.

Listen below.