Obasi Jackson Drops ‘Rolling Stone’ + Shares Memories Of His Brother Pop Smoke 

Obasi Jackson cover art
Photo Credit – Obasi Jackson cover art

Pop Smoke and his brother Obasi Jackson share a passion for music.

While Pop Smoke had a distinct deep voice, Obasi on the other hand has a melodic sound. 

On Obasi’s latest track, “Rolling Stone” he pays homage to his younger brother, the late Pop Smoke when he raps, 

“Damn Rest In Peace Pop man they did you dirty. Bro seen a mil but ain’t seen 30.” 

Obasi told us his inspiration for music stems from wanting to continue his brother’s legacy. Obasi said Pop encouraged him to pursue music and utilize all his talents. Obasi said he still feels a connection with Pop, he said, “I believe that he’s guiding me on the road to success.”

Obasi said the best advice Pop gave him was to always be yourself. An EP is in the works and tracks are still being decided. For now, check out “Rolling Stone.”