Jah The Prince
Photo credit – Hot97/Jah The Prince

Stage Name: Jah Prince

Age: 25

Birthplace: Newark, NJ

Describe your sound:

My sound is ME,  I say that because it’s original. I speak on my life, my struggles, and my reality. I try to motivate listeners through my music by telling them things I struggle with. As far as my sound goes I take a boom bap soulful approach when it comes to my beats.
How did you know this was something you wanted to do?
When I saw how much love my idols got by just being themselves by putting words together. And the fact that you can also make some good money. All I have to do is take my emotions and transfer them into a song format ? Yeah that’s easy lol because it’s like poetry.
What is the name of the first track you ever recorded?
The name of the first track I ever recorded was on Tyga’s “I’m So Raw” beat. A friend and I remixed it. There was no real inspiration behind it to be honest, i just knew that this was my moment to shine and I had to do my best.
What was the first show you have ever gone to?
Crazy enough I have yet to go to a concert ! lmaooo. The closest I ever got was when Kendrick Lamar came to Newark but I figured that out after, no one told me lol. I would have definitely gone !!!!!!
Tell us about your first performance.
My first performance was in Brooklyn Ny at the coast2coast event. I was so freaking nervous !!! but when they called my name up to come to the stage and the beat started playing all that anxiety went away. I felt like I was in my room performing like I always do. I was very comfortable.

What’s the craziest thing you have ever done?

The craziest thing I’ve ever done was when I was little. I can remember trying to cook something I saw in a magazine, and I ended up almost burning the house down in the process. Lmfaoooooo.

What has been your favorite quarantine hobby?
Honestly truly, my favorite hobby during this quarantine would have to be reading, and learning new things ! I know it sounds boring lol but I have a deep love for knowledge and this was the perfect time to finally sit down and read some books that I never had the chance to read.

What Made You Submit Your Music To Who’s Next?

I’ve seen some of my favorite artists participate in who’s next and figured why not give it a try. I released a mixtape in March, and I need the promotion so I also want to push those songs as well.
Let us know why YOU are Next.
I’m Next because there’s only one Jah Prince and no one else sounds like me. I’m bringing authenticity back, originality back. I tell the truth in my music, I believe I can lead my peers and youth in the right direction. There’s a lot of people who share a similar story like me and need someone to motivate them and guide them,…i’m that person, i’m that voice.

Where can people find your music?

You can find my music on all streaming platforms. First soundcloud, spotify, Apple, Youtube, Everywhere. My instagram is @jahprincethedon, so is my twitter. My youtube is “Jah Prince’ also.
Check out “Follow Your Dreams:”