JPMorgan Chase Aims to be the Bank for All

JPMorgan Chase Advertising Graphic
JPMorgan Chase Advertising Graphic

Over the last few years, we saw numerous reminders that systemic inequities have created structural barriers that prevent Black and Brown communities from accessing financial opportunity.

With this in mind, the largest bank in the United States is investing in communities and people to create an economy that works for all because no community should be left behind.  

JPMorgan Chase is making a $30 billion, five-year commitment to address some of the largest drivers of the racial wealth divide.

JPMorgan Chase Advertising Graphic

Through this $30B racial equity commitment, the bank is connecting people to the tools that build generational wealth by expanding access to affordable homeownership, career opportunities, minority small businesses growth and financial health.

This national commitment touches down in New York in a number of ways. The bank has a team of over 40 people in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut  connecting neighborhoods and people from the South Bronx to Bed-Stuy to the Lower East Side to resources focused on financial health, housing and small business.

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