Turn the Flavor Up This Summer With Sunkist Soda!

Sunkist & Squirt Is So Good!|Sunkist & Squirt Is So Good!

Cool Down With the Fresh Fruit Flavors of Sunkist Soda

This summer is the perfect time to take on new adventures, new experiences, and new flavors! Whether it’s a baseball game or barbeque, there is nothing more refreshing than drinking an ice cold Sunkist soda on a hot summer day. If you’re in the mood for a classic, try Sunkist Orange or get to know our other bright, fruit flavors like Berry Lemonade!  

The mood-boosting power of the Sunkist soda lineup is unmatched. There’s a flavor for everyone; try our Cherry Limeade or Strawberry Lemonade! Sunkist soda is the perfect party drink, no matter the occasion. Crisp citrus flavors make for a delightful pairing with both your lunchtime meal and your night time cocktail. 

Speaking of cocktails, try Squirt for your next big party! Squirt is a refreshing grapefruit soda that pairs perfectly with tequila to create a delicious Paloma. You could also add some vodka, ice, lemons, and lime to Sunkist Berry Lemonade for a sparking blue summer cocktail that everyone will love! 

The unique grapefruit taste of Squirt puts this soda in a league of its own. Its delicious flavor has been refreshing thirty Americans for over 80 years! Similarly, Sunkist soda has been America’s classic orange soda since the 1980’s. Give your taste buds a treat and sip some great flavor!  

Sunkist soda and Squirt are a cut above the rest – the refreshing fruit flavors are perfect  for hanging poolside with your friends and having fun. Add some flavor to your summer with Sunkist soda and Squirt! 


  • SUNKIST is a registered trademark of Sunkist Growers, Inc., USA used under license by Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. ®2021 Sunkist Growers and Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.
  • SUNKIST contains no juice.
  • SQUIRT contains less than 1% juice