HDBeenDope Debuts “Can’t Get Rid Of Me” on 4 Minutes of Fire!

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Brooklyn artist HDBeenDope has been making waves with underground hits for the past few years and is now breaking into the mainstream! On May 4th, 2023 – HD came to HOT 97 to prove he has 4 Minutes of Fire in his back pocket. In this exclusive interview, HD talks about his experience traveling to Norway, the importance of confidence in hip-hop, and his unlikely interest in Jack Johnson’s music. 

On 4 Minutes of Fire artists are asked to prove that they have 4 minutes of fire new music that is yet to be heard by the public, this means freestyles, new songs, and unreleased tracks performed in one take. Watch full 4 Minutes of Fire performances on the HOT 97 App and YouTube, or listen to the podcast to get to know the artists!

Get to know HDBeenDope before he’s a household name! HDBeenDope debuts his brand new song “Can’t Get Rid Of Me” on 4 Minutes of Fire! Check it out and stay tapped in for new music every month on the 4th!