Mir Fontane Debuts New Music on 4 Minutes of Fire

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Camden-artist Mir Fontane was on the second episode of 4 Minutes of Fire in December of 2022. Fontane’s signature rap style is narrative and poignant, he pulls stories from his life and does a masterful job of telling these stories. Mir Fontane is probably the biggest rapper to come out of Camden, New Jersey in recent memory and represents his city every chance he gets. Mir Fontane debuted his new single “Me Too” off of his new album “Clowns Don’t Cry.” 

On 4 Minutes of Fire artists are asked to prove that they have 4 minutes of fire new music that is yet to be heard by the public, this means freestyles, new songs, and unreleased tracks performed in one take. Watch full 4 Minutes of Fire performances on the HOT 97 App and YouTube, or listen to the podcast to get to know the artists!

Mir Fontane talked about looking up to J. Cole, painting, and making music that’s thought-provoking! Listen to the full interview or watch Mir Fontane’s full performance!