Sha EK and Bandmanrill Debut NEW Music on 4 Minutes of Fire

Sha EK and Bandmanrill at HOT 97 studios
Sha EK and Bandmanrill at HOT 97 studios

Bronx drill and Jersey club artists Sha EK and Bandmanrill were featured on the ninth episode of 4 Minutes of Fire, which went public on July 4. Starting in 2021, both of these artists will have received an abundance of success. With Bandman’s reputation as the pioneer of the Jersey club wave and EK’s debut album, “Face of the What,” reaching a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, both rappers have been in the spotlight of the drill scene as a whole.

During their performance on 4 Minutes of Fire, they both performed two songs from their upcoming collabo album, “Jiggy in Jersey.” As of recently, due to the electrifying drill wave, the term “Jiggy” has been very prominent in the genre, as EK and Bandman have been credited for making it popular through their songs, which is what led to their album being titled “Jiggy in
Jersey.” On this episode, their performance includes both artists rapping at an energetic level over drill and Jersey club beats, making the tracks very difficult to resist nodding your head
along to the music!

Jason Peters is the host of Hot 97’s 4 Minutes of Fire, where artists must perform for four straight minutes. This could range anywhere from a freestyle to unreleased music. Performances of 4 Minutes of Fire can be found on YouTube and the Hot 97 app, and for the podcasts, you can find them on iTunes and Spotify.

If you haven’t already, tune in to the latest episode of 4 Minutes of Fire with Sha EK and Bandmanrill, where they discuss plans for upcoming music, how it felt to perform at Summer Jam, and what they do for fun!