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About DJ Kast One

Bronx native DJ Kast One began like most DJs, spinning and making local mix tapes.

He also began a weekly show on his college radio station. While DJing a college party, Kast One met DJ Enuff who recruited the boardsman to be part of the new collection of DJs he was forming called the Heavy Hitters. Eager for the opportunity to work alongside Enuff, Kast One accepted Enuff’s invitation. Since becoming a Heavy Hitter, Kast One stepped it up a notch. He began producing mix tapes and worked with top record labels and artists such as Kanye West, Swiss Beatz, and more. The newfound exposure also helped make Kast One a featured DJ on the New York City club circuit. Kast has also been putting it down nationally and around the world.

Playing everything from Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, and Rock, his versatile and creative DJ style allows him to adapt to any crowd and ensures that everyone will have a good time.