Bryson Tiller Reveals He Uses Artificial Intelligence + Talks Anxiety, Working With Victoria Monet

bryson tiller

Bryson Tiller recently sat down with Ness Nitty for a candid and engaging interview on “Nessa On Air.” This conversation marks a significant shift from their last meeting during the pandemic, which took place over a video chat. Bryson, who confessed to enjoying the solitude imposed by the pandemic, shared his reflections on the period: “I loved it… I’ve always been a homebody and liked being in the crib. But I’ll be honest, whenever they told me like, ‘Okay, you have to be in the house now,’ I started going a little crazy.”he added, acknowledging the anxiety that the enforced isolation brought on.

Currently on tour, Tiller has been feeling the physical toll but remains motivated by the immense love and support from fans. “I’m exhausted, to be honest. But I’m looking for ways to revamp and make it feel like the first day of tour again,” he said. London, in particular, left a significant impression on him, performing for 30,000 people over three nights. “It was just great, man. They just really loved me a lot out there, and I really got to see that,” Tiller shared, clearly moved by the experience.

When the topic shifted to his hometown of Louisville, Bryson expressed mixed emotions. While he cherishes his fans, he has had personal issues with the city itself. He voiced his concerns about the lack of recognition for Black hometown heroes until recently, when static major was finally honored. “I just felt like they weren’t putting up enough Black people in the city. We have our Black hometown heroes from here. Like, we need to show kids and people of Louisville that you can make it out of the city,” he emphasized.

Tiller’s latest self-titled album, released two months ago, represents a significant evolution in his artistic journey. He spoke about reclaiming his creative control: “I was like, you know, this is what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna take my creative power back.” This newfound autonomy has allowed him to create with integrity and stay true to his vision, regardless of external pressures.

A particularly heartfelt moment in the interview was when Tiller discussed balancing his career with fatherhood. “I missed a lot of time with my kids making sacrifices… After this album, I was like, I have to walk away for a second and spend more time with them,” he revealed. The motivation behind his work has shifted significantly, with family being a primary driving force.

Tiller also touched on his experiences with social anxiety and how he has learned to cope. “As of lately, I’ve really struggled, and I’ve just been talking to other people whenever I can,” he admitted. This openness and vulnerability highlight his ongoing journey towards mental wellness.

Collaboration has been another key theme in Tiller’s recent work. He praised Victoria Monet, with whom he collaborated on his latest album, calling her “a really nice person, very humble, and very talented.” This partnership exemplifies his willingness to let go of some control and embrace the creative contributions of others.

Overall, Bryson Tiller’s interview with Ness Nitty showcased his growth as an artist and individual. From dealing with pandemic-induced isolation to balancing fatherhood, addressing social issues, and battling anxiety, Tiller remains committed to his craft and personal development. His fans can look forward to more authentic and heartfelt music as he continues to navigate his career with integrity and purpose.