Marsha Ambrosius Reveals Crying in Front of Michael Jackson & One Night Stands

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Marsha Ambrosius stopped by HOT 97 to talk to Nessa about her new album Casablanca, which comes out June 28, 2024.

She also discusses her collaboration with Dr. Dre and their health scares, the impact of motherhood on her music and crying in front of Michael Jackson. Marsha also reflects on her songwriting, particularly songs she wished she had kept for herself, thoughts on recognition, one night stands, self-awareness, misconceptions about her, and changes in her life since marriage, including her views on her most iconic songs now as a married woman.

Marsha concludes by sharing her hopes for what fans will take away from her album. Tune in to get a deeper understanding of Marsha’s journey and inspirations before “Casablanco” releases. Stream her new album on 6/28/24.