November 1, 2018

5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Voting in THIS Election

5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Voting in THIS Election

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Voting day is five days away! This midterm is SUPER IMPORTANT! The outcome of this election will have a direct impact on your life, depending on the choices you make! This midterm election will set up the foundation for our government in the future.




  1.  This election is crucial for filling up seats in the US Senate. Senators work in the legislative branch and deal with laws. They are responsible for writing and voting on new laws called “bills.” So if you don’t like some of the laws we have, YOU have the POWER to change them! During this election, 35 out of 100 seats are up for grabs.


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  2.  This election is also important for the House of Representatives, who make and pass federal laws. This election, voters are choosing all 435 members. If Democrats receive more votes, they could have more control. Imagine you decide to NOT vote, and because of that, someone was put into the House of Representatives and passed a law that takes away something you like to do. You’d be annoyed and be feeling like, “I should have voted!”


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  3.  New abortion laws can go into effect. Some states want to take away a women’s right to choose if she wants to keep her baby or not. Reported on Vox, “the state legislative elections will not only be crucial for state-level policy debates but “could also determine the fate of abortion rights if the Supreme Court moves to undercut Roe v. Wade, the future of Medicaid expansion in some states.”


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  4.  Our hearts continue to break when stories of gun violence take fatal turns and a number of people’s lives are lost. Recently in Pittsburg on Oct. 27, 11 Jews were killed while worshiping in a synagogue by an anti-Semitic. On Nov. 6, you have the power to change the gun laws and prevent certain people from owning firearms.


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  5.  Trump is trying to change the rules of citizenship. Any child born in America is considered a citizen but he is looking to end that. He is also trying to prevent immigrants from coming into our country.


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In five days, what will you do? Vote or standstill?