Hispanic Heritage Month - Celebrating The Music

Hispanic Heritage Month: Music & Struggles Of Being Latinx In Hip Hop

DJ Enuff, DJ Camilo, DJ Kast One, & VP of Content Strategy at Genius Rob Markman share some of their most favorite music, and share their stories and experiences of having a profession in the hip hop world while being of Hispanic dissent.

Camilo shows off his merengue skills, and also speaks on being stereotyped as a reggaeton DJ when he first started.

“If you have love for hip hop, then hip hop has love for you,” said DJ Kast One about the relationship between the Latinx community and the world of hip hop.

DJ Enuff also speaks on how icons such as DJ Red Alert helped his career and credibility coming up, Camilo discusses some of Pitbull’s struggles throughout his career, and Rob Markman discussed the criticism he received sharing his hip hop analysis and opinions on MTV.

Take a look at episode one which looks at some of the biggest icons and heroes in the Latinx community.

Watch the full episode below.


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