Spotify Now Selling Concert Tickets on Platform

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One of the leading streaming platforms, Spotify, is currently testing a new feature to sell concert tickets directly to fans. The website, named Spotify Tickets, already has seven indie and rock upcoming shows in their testing phase. Historically, Spotify users have been redirected to third party websites such as Eventbrite and Ticketmaster to purchase concert tickets.

The Stockholm-based company hasn’t officially announced the launch of its ticketing platform, but Oakland product designer, Chris Messina, first noted the site being available for the public to book tickets earlier today.

Spotify’s terms highlight that the prices for these tickets will still be set by third party vendors, however Spotify may charge a booking fee & taxes based on the location of the venue.

7.1 In our capacity as agent, we sell tickets on behalf of Event Partners. That means that the face value of Tickets that we sell is set by those Event Partners and not by Spotify. We will charge a booking fee which we retain and which is made clear to you before the point of purchase.

Spotify Tickets Terms of Purchase

This news comes right after Tik Tok announced their partnership with Ticketmaster. According to TechCrunch, in the beginning of August, Ticketmaster and Tik Tok partnered to allow users to discover events and purchase tickets through the app. Prior to that Snapchat and Ticketmaster announced their partnership – ‘TicketMatcher’. TicketMatcher matches users based on their city and favorite music genres.

This latest in-app ticket purchase feature is one of the many ways Spotify is diversifying its product offering. Spotify has already offered a karaoke mode, created Spotify Island with Robolox, and expanded their advertising offerings.