December 13, 2019

Marlon Craft Shows His BARS Skill in #Freestyle140 with Funk Flex [VIDEO]

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Marlon Craft Shows His BARS Skill in #Freestyle140 with Funk Flex [VIDEO]

YERRRRR… End of 2019 and here we are with a year end full of BARS!! First off let me say RIP to a young man that came up a couple diff times and went hard each time with BARS.. RIP Juice Wrld(Prayer hands) *Moment of Silence* Tragic end that def could have been avoided.

Here we are today though.. and speaking of BARS, ya boy Marlon Craft, straight outta Dare Devil’s territory, Hell’s Kitchen NYC, lined us up with a bevy of BARS in what seemed to be part his story/part his mission statement in a solid attempt to reach next to some of our top freestyles such as Papoose, Royce d 59, Loaded Lux & of course the one Marlon mention’s and seemingly the actual target, our all time top freestyle Black Thought. Now wether the crafty one reached that status will be left up to you guys the viewers/listeners/fans.. but just so you’re well equipped to judge, check it out;

I’m not gonna hold you, boy went for 8 mins of straight BARS, breath control was decent but he spit at his pace(Thoughts pace seemed double time, so Thoughts breath control was more Impressive), and the BARS themselves were DOPE.. but were they Lux or Pap level.. look I really LIKE this kid, but he’s not that YET, to me.. BUT don’t get it twisted, HE’s DOPE AF! Just in case I digress and let the ppl decide so hit me on social(@TatWza) and let me know!