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Carol Baskin Of ‘Tiger King’ Got Tricked Into Doing A Fake Jimmy Fallon Interview 

Tiger King was the number one show on Netflix and created a lot of hype! 

Since the mini-series, the main characters have been in the spotlight nonstop. Clever YouTubers were able to somehow trick Carole Baskin into doing her “first official interview” since the show. Archie Manners and Josh Pieter posed as Jimmy Fallon. 

Carol declined at first because she was upset at Joe Exotic, another main character in the show, accused her of killing her husband. However, eventually, the YouTubers finally got her to agree, only if they didn’t mention Tiger King. Reported on Daily Mail, the YouTubers told Carol they “represented a production company called Invisible Object that is facilitating guest appearances on talk shows.” 

The interview was based only on carts and not any controversy surrounding her. Take a look:


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