Remembering Rosa Parks: The Library Of Congress Launches A Campaign Inviting People To Pay Their Respects To The Icon

Rosa Parks wearing purple and black dress

Today we observe the 107th birthday of the late, great civil rights activist, Rosa Parks.

Parks was an influential activist in the Civil Rights Movement, most known for her resistance on December 1, 1955, when she made the decision to sit in the front of a Montgomery bus and refused to move to the back, designated for African Americans. This decisive act initiated the Montgomery Bus Boycott, a social movement that eventually led to integration within public transportation.

Today we remember and appreciate the powerful and influential woman who dedicated much of her life to diminishing racial discrimination and racial inequalities. 

In memory and celebration of her birthday, the Library of Congress has started a campaign that allows people to transcribe original documents written by Parks herself.

In accordance with Park’s beliefs of inclusion and equality, Carla Hayden, the 14th librarian of Congress said on Twitter, “Inviting, including and honoring the contributions of people from every walk of life is such a fitting way to honor this civil rights icon”.