50 Cent Reacts To Chris Brown Allegedly ‘Sabotaging’ Quavo’s Recent Concert

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50 Cent reacts to Chris Brown allegedly “sabotaging” one of Quavo’s recent concerts.

We previously reported that a video went viral of what appeared to be one of Quavo’s concerts. Fans speculate that Brown bought majority of the concerts seats preventing fans from attending.

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen this happened. 50 Cent also pulled a move like this when he bought the first 200 rows at a Ja Rule concert.

50 Cent reacted to the now viral video, writing, “oh this shit getting different, i know [he]’s tight. LOL.”

Chris Brown has yet to confirm or deny these rumors as of yet. However- Brown and Quavo have both released diss tracks towards each other.

Even Karrueche Tran wants to be left out of the ongoing feud. 

While heading towards TSA, TMZ caught up with the actress and asked her how she felt about the current “rap beef.”

Tran explains, “I don’t feel. It is what it is; I’m living my life. Working, paying my bills, taking time for myself and that’s all that matters. What else is going on, I ain’t got nothing to do with it,” she said with a life. “I’m living a peaceful life that’s all I want.”

When asked if she had any comments for the two she expressed, “No! No comments,” she kept saying. “I just don’t want any parts, I want peace and happiness. I want to work and thrive.”

She also spoke on her relationship status. She made it clear that she’s “very happy” and “very single” right now. “I’m dating myself, actually,” she added.