February 3, 2020

Tekashi 6ix9ine Update: After Prison Release Rapper Will NOT Stay In Brooklyn

Tekashi 6ix9ine Update: After Prison Release Rapper Will NOT Stay In Brooklyn

Photo credit – Thaddaeus McAdams/WireImage/GettyImages

Things will never be the same for Tekahsi 69 in the hip hop world.

Since the Brooklyn rapper is considered a snitch, it’ll be challenging for him to go back to his hood in Brooklyn once he’s released. He could be out of jail sometime later this year.

Once he’s a free man, he has no plans on staying in Brooklyn according to a report. Its possible he may move out of state, it’s not clear what state or if he’ll be in witness protection. After serving his sentence, the “Gotti Gotti” rapper will still have to act an informant whenever authorities feel it’s necessary, along with 300 hours of community service and pay a fine

6ix9ine will also have to hire a security team as well as install cameras in his home to protect himself as well as family. Before Tekahsi got locked up he was known for making funny videos on IG, those may come to a pause since he plans on being low key about his whereabouts. 


The majority of the OG hip hop heads don’t rock with Tekahsi while his younger audience doesn’t care about his criminal history. 

Meanwhile, 69’s girlfriend Jad has been holding him down. Tekashi’s baby mother Sara Molina sent Jade a strong message after Jade made a post about her boo. Hopefully, Tekashi can keep the women in his life happy!

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They kidnapped you , they had sex with the mother of your child , they get caught on the phone trying to kill you & their stealing millions of dollars from you . If you snitch , for the rest of your life people are gonna try to kill you for being a rat but if you don’t snitch , you’re doing 47 years in prison where they’re gonna kill you anyway because they were already talking about it . Sammy the Bull kills 19 people and gets 5 years . You kill no one and gets 2 years . This shit is so fucked up …. LMFAOOO they can’t break you , no one understands why people still love you and support you .