50 Cent Suing The Shade Room For 'Exacerbating' The Penis Implant Story

50 Cent Suing The Shade Room For 'Exacerbating' The Penis Implant Story

L'Oréal Luchi
01/17/2023 12:00 AM EST

This isn’t four play for 50 Cent; he’s serious.

The Queens rapper includes the blog, The Shade Room, in his penile enhancement lawsuit. Court documents obtained by All Hip Hop say 50 Cent wants an apology and moneyfor exacerbating the penile implant saga.”

According to the source, the suit says, “This case is about the abuse of a popular entertainer and businessman’s act of goodwill by an unscrupulous business owner for her own economic gain, and by a gossip tabloid intent on driving clicks and ad revenue at the expense of the truth.”

Last year, 50 filed a lawsuit against a Miami surgeon, Angela Kogan, and her medical spa company. 50 claims Angela took a picture with him to falsely imply he got a penis enhancement surgery. TSR blog posted the story to their 27.7 million followers. Angela is trying to blame TSR in the lawsuit. Her defense says,

The Shade Room is the publisher of the Article, and Plaintiff has improperly applied the actions of The Shade Room to Defendant," reported on Hip Hop DX.

50’s lawyer also says the situation “exposed Jackson [50 Cent] to ridicule, caused substantial damage to his professional and personal reputation, and violated his right to control his name and image.” In addition, the lawyer says 50 never got the surgery. Vivica Fox spoke out and vouched.

Angela’s lawyer says 50 Cent was a client, and “in exchange” for her service, he “agreed” ‘to take the picture. Angela’s lawyer also says Angela never “stated or implied that 50 Cent received plastic surgery services or penile enhancement surgery.”

50 Cent is “seeking millions” from the lawsuit and wants Angela to be banned from using the photo. Take a look at the photo that caused all the drama:

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