New Music
June 27, 2022

A Boogie Releases Jersey Club & Drill Remixes of \"Drowning\"

New Music
A Boogie Releases Jersey Club & Drill Remixes of \"Drowning\"

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is working smarter, not harder.

On the heels of Drake’s house-inspired album
Honestly, Nevermind
and Beyoncé’s new house track, other artists are looking to capitalize! A Boogie has remixed his hit-song
into a jersey club mix.
Not only that, the New York artist has utilized the other regional sound and dropped a Drowning drill remix along with the jersey club mix. So whether you're at a BBQ in the Bronx or rooftop bar in Bushwick, A Boogie has something for you! Five years after their original release, Drowning now has two new remixes.
Rather than waiting for a popular DJ or someone on TikTok to remix these songs, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie is taking charge and releasing remixes of his own songs.
This way A Boogie retains ownership, credit, and the streams generated by his song.
A Boogie is setting an example that other artists can now follow, why wait for someone else to claim your songs when you can capitalize on the moment.
, but A Boogie said “why not capitalize on both?”
Both drill and house are sample heavy subgenres, so technically any song can be manipulated into those styles.
makes a lot of sense as a song to remix because it’s not a very cluttered song. It’d be much harder to remix songs by artists like Kendrick Lamar or Smino because their songs normally have really full sounds involving horn sections and vocal layering. Whereas A Boogie has more of a spacious and airy sound as an artist.
Being a New York artist, A Boogie has the green light and local clout to pull off both jersey club and drill remixes without frustrating fans. It would be much harder for an LA artist to pull this off, but A Boogie’s regional roots let him take full advantage of the local trends.