September 19, 2018

American Airlines Apologizes to Wale for Racist Antics from Flight Attendants [PHOTO]

American Airlines Apologizes to Wale for Racist Antics from Flight Attendants  [PHOTO]
Photo Credit: Kevin C. Cox  / Getty Images


Besides the fact that Wale just drop an amazing project titled ‘Free Lunch,’ he recently had a bad experience with American Airlines that called for a MAJOR apology.


A few days ago Wale took to Twitter to tell fans about a flight he was on that was taking forever to take off…



After American Airlines responded to his tweet apologizing for the wait…Wale disclosed that the employees on the flight told him he’s not supposed to be in first class, and threatened to call the police.



Essence magazine reached out to American Airlines for a statement and they apologized for their wrongdoing along with a long explanation…


VIA Essence Magazine


“When the flight landed [in Los Angeles], he was sitting in his correct seat…but he wasn’t showing on their tablets as being on their aircraft,” the rep explained, adding that the flight attendants “were just trying to figure out why he wasn’t listed on the flight in the first place. His seat was inadvertently dropped in the system when they boarded back.”


“We just want to apologize to Wale for what really occurred here,” the airline said. “We understand his frustration; just trying to get out the airport.”

The airline said they’re continuing to investigate what they’re calling at “IT issue” and wanted to reiterate that they’d love to have Wale back onboard.

“He’s a good customer of ours. He flies with us regularly. We really just want to apologize profusely,” a rep for the airline added.”


Do you think the explanation/apology is sincere???