January 10, 2019

Celebrities Who Worked With R. Kelly & Remained Silent Since Lifetime Documentary Aired

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Celebrities Who Worked With R. Kelly & Remained Silent Since Lifetime Documentary Aired

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Many celebrities have been coming forward and to publicly announce that they would no longer be supporting R. Kelly. This comes after Lifetime aired their multi-part documentary, ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ which explored the controversies that have surrounded him for over a decade. The documentary received a lot of attention because for the first time, victims had a voice.


Some celebrities however have not yet used their voice to speak on the issue. Although these sexual misconduct allegations with minors and running a brain washing cult isn’t new, many feel that it’s time for the “Pide Piper” to pray the price.


Celebrities like Chance The Rapper said that working with R Kelly was a “mistake” and Omarion vowed to stop playing his music. While some celebs are showing solidarity for the alleged victims, some artists who have worked with R. Kelly hasn’t spoken out yet. Here are the celebrities who haven’t said anything about the situation:


1. Back in 2015, Erykah Badu praised R. Kelly at the Soul Train Awards. She said he’s “doing more for black people than anyone.” When the documentary aired, people went to her social media with questions. Shortly after she posted THIS:

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A wise woman once said … nothing.

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2. Usher and R. Kelly was once fighting for the “Same Girl.” 


3. Mariah Carey and R Kelly worked on the remix to her hit song “Touch My Body.”


4. Kanye West: Back in 2012, they worked on a song called “To the World” for Kanye’s “Cruel Summer” compilation album.


5. Jay Z and R Kelly worked on a collaborative album in 2002 “Best of Both Worlds.”


6. R Kelly worked with Mary J Blige in the 90’s for the songs “It’s On” and “Lean On Me.”


7.Ludacris worked on a few songs with R. Kelly, like “Woozy,” and “Legs Shaking.” 


Just because these artists haven’t said anything, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they “support R. Kelly.” Not all celebrities are out spoken on these issues, due to the sensitivity of the topic.


If you were a celebrity that worked with R. Kelly in the past, what would you be saying NOW?