January 4, 2018

Critics Can Shove It: Netflix Greenlights “Bright” Sequel [VIDEO]

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Critics Can Shove It: Netflix Greenlights “Bright” Sequel [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: Araya Diaz/Getty Images)


This is case where the people outweigh the critics.

Personally, I don’t really care for critics or opinions because you like what you like regardless of what someone has to say but I digress.


The Netflix sci-fantasyish original film starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, is getting a follow up. Bright, which cost the streaming platform roughly $90 million to produce, drew in 11 million views within it’s first three days release.  

David Ayer will return to direct and write the sequel, as well as Smith and Edgerton who will reprise their roles as two officers in Los Angeles, working in a city where otherworldly beings and humans live together.


No word yet on when the sequel will begin it’s production but how did you really feel about the first one?