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August 7, 2020

Cuomo Gives NYS Schools Green Light To Reopen Under Guidelines

Cuomo Gives NYS Schools Green Light To Reopen Under Guidelines

All summer parents and legal guardians have been waiting for this announcement.

Today (August 7) New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced schools in NYS can reopen in the fall. He Tweeted,

“Every region is well below our COVID infection limit, therefore all school districts are authorized to open. If the infection rate spikes, the guidance will change accordingly. School districts are required to submit plans to NYS for review.”

School districts must do three main things before reopening. Post their remote learning plans & their testing/tracing plans online, Set dates for 3-5 discussion sessions with parents & community before August 21, and have at least one separate discussion with teachers alone. Students should bring their own masks but the school is required to provide if they don’t have one. 

New York City schools are expected to open September 10. ABC reports last month, Cuomo said, even if schools are technically open, it’s up to parents whether or not they want to send their children. Parents have until Friday to notify the city education department if they want their child to have full remote learning this fall. 

Schools will close if the infection level rises to 9% or greater before the day school opens. If a region is shut down for education, all schools will have to close, both public and private.

Take a look at the conference: