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December 27, 2021

DaniLeigh Agrees w/ Tiffany Haddish On The Importance Of Having A 'Safe Man' Around

HOT News
DaniLeigh Agrees w/ Tiffany Haddish On The Importance Of Having A 'Safe Man' Around
Tiffany Haddish spoke on some things about relationships, and it resonated with DaniLeigh.
The actress/comedian spoke about wanting a safe man in her life. Recently, reports surfaced that
and Common called off their
because they were too busy with their careers to devote time for one another. Since the split, she's been open about what she wants in her next relationship.
Hot New Hip Hood reports Tiffany Tweeted about desiring a man she can "feel safe with." She said,
"I want a man in my life I can share my success with, my joy, my body and all while I feel safe with him, and he feels the same with me. Does anyone know how to make that happen?"
DaniLeigh reposted Tiffany's Tweet on IG story a few days later and told the
Girls Trip
actress to "let her know" when she finds out how to get a safe man. Dani said,
"Lemme [know] if [you] find out @tiffanyhaddish lol."
On November 14, a video went
of Dani & DaBaby on IG Live. They were arguing, saying negative things back and forth, while DaniLeigh was feeding their
DaBaby wanted DaniLeigh to leave. Later in the video, DaBaby
on Dani, and the cops asked her to leave. However, they appeared on IG live the next day again, addressing the drama. DaniLeigh claims DaBaby wants to sleep with other women while he claims he's not with DaniLeigh.
As a result of the incident, Dani faced petty assault charges.
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Since then, Dani seems to be on a
. As far as
, he's taking care of his dad duties with all of his children.
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