Drake Seemingly Confirms It's Him In New Leaked 'Nude' Video

Drake Seemingly Confirms It's Him In New Leaked 'Nude' Video

02/06/2024 10:47 AM EST

Drake is taking over the internet... and not for his music this time.

A video of what appears to be the rapper leaked online, and is sending the internet in a frenzy. "When you saw “drake leaked” and its not new music.." writes one Twitter user. "Just found out why Drake is trending.." says another.

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The video has yet to be confirmed by Drake, however, streamer Adin Ross says Drake allegedly responded to his text- seemingly confirming that was he in the video.

Ross told Drizzy that he is extremely blessed and that he has a "missile" in which Drake allegedly replied with laughing emojis. 

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Drake previously made headlines earlier this week as ahead of the Grammys the rapper sent a message to all the talented artists across the world. “All you incredible artists remember this show isn’t the facts it’s just the opinion of a group of people who’s name are kept a secret.." He wrote via Instagram.

The post continued, "(literally you can google it),” he wrote on his Instagram Story. “Congrats to anybody winning anything for hip hop but this show doesn’t dictate s--- in our world.”

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