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April 30, 2018

Ebro Breaks Down Conversation w/ Kanye West & Candace Owens [VIDEO]

HOT News
Ebro Breaks Down Conversation w/ Kanye West & Candace Owens [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: Marc Piasecki/Getty Images)
It’s a brand new week, but Kanye West is still continuing to build the conversation he started last week on Twitter about free thinking, loving Donald Trump and more.
Over the weekend, as the Cleveland Cavaliers looked to finish off their series against the Indiana Pacers Ebro received a facetime from Kanye West from Los Angeles. Joining Kanye on the call was Candace Owens who’s social media videos have been a topic of debate as of late.
Ebro breaks down the conversation, and how he decided to respond to her request to come on Ebro in the Morning and discuss the conversation.
Below are some of the highlights:
Asked to be on the show to discuss her side of things. (Ebro refused)
Doesn’t like being called “Candi.”
Ebro says “No one is going to align themselves with “Make America Great Again.”
“Again” for her means “times where her sharecropping grandfather was able to buy land.”
No one is going to support anything when you are aligning yourself with white supremacists.
Watch the full clip below.
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