April 24, 2019

Everything To Know About Kerry Lathan, One Of The Men Shot With Nipsey Hussle

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Everything To Know About Kerry Lathan, One Of The Men Shot With Nipsey Hussle

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As the marathon continues, some people are wondering what happened to 56-year-old Kerry Lathan.

Lathan was one of the three gentlemen shot when Nipsey Hussle was senselessly taken away on March 31.

Prior to the incident, Nipsey was doing a good deed as always for someone he didn’t know personally. Nipsey knew Lathan through a mutual friend, Big U.

Lathan was convicted of murder in 1994 and served 24-years. Nipsey was only 8 or 9 when Lathan went to jail. Since he was released, he was finding ways to adjust to having freedom after being out for a couple of months.

On the day of the tragic killing, Lathan was looking for a shirt and the one he wanted was out of stock. That’s when he went over to Nipsey to ask when the shirt would be back in stock, and that’s when Eric Holder opened fire and shot at three men, and took away Nipsey’s life.

Lathan was arrested and sent back to jail for violating his parole. Now he’s a free man! Unfortunately, he still has the bullet in his back, and doctors may not remove it because it’s close to his spine. Aside from the physical pain, he’s happy to be back with his family.

The chargers were dropped and he’ll be spending time with his granddaughter for her birthday in May.

His nephew was the other man who got shot and is recovering.

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Survivor in #NipseyHussle shooting, #KerryLathan has officially been released from jail.