February 1, 2018

Floyd Mayweather Trolls Conor McGregor; Reportedly Prepares MMA Debut [VIDEO]

Floyd Mayweather Trolls Conor McGregor; Reportedly Prepares MMA Debut [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Floyd Mayweather is known as one of the biggest boxers in this generation, and an artist in the ring.

Last year, he gave the world a video game boxing match when he faced off against UFC’s most popular fighters, Conor McGregor in a boxing match which was not much of a challenge overall, but granted a huge payday.

So is Mayweather looking for one more big payday? Over the past few days we have seen the retired boxer step into a mixted martial arts octogon in the gym. He has also re-lit the sparks in his rivalry against McGregor.

Now it seems as if he is in negotiations to step inside of the octogon for one fight, as he will talk to Shotime president Stephen Espinoza about the idea.

According to TMZ:

“It will be a topic of conversation,” Stephen told TMZ Sports … acknowledging Floyd’s recent videos from inside an MMA cage are VERY interesting.

“There’s a chance … whatever he puts his mind to, he sort of wills into happening. [Floyd] willed the McGregor fight into happening. So, if he sets his mind to it, it’ll happen.”

Will you be interested to see what Floyd Mayweather can do in an MMA ring?

Come at the king, you best not miss…

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Fuck the Mayweathers.

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