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January 25, 2018

French Montana Reacts To Alleged Chinx Murder's Arrest [VIDEO]

HOT News
French Montana Reacts To Alleged Chinx Murder's Arrest [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)
Before Chinx’s tragic 2015 murder, the rapper was on the brink of a turning point in his career.
Standing right beside him was French Montana who was helping catapult his career.
The rapper spoke to Revolt and addressed how he felt following the arrests of Quincy Homere and Jamal Hill in connection to the murder.
“Um, how I felt about that whole situation, I felt happy for his family. You know, to get a closure. For his wife, his mother, his family to get a closure. That’s what I felt happy for. Because it’s nothing [better] for a mother to know who did something to her child or something like that. That was the most important thing. Just for Janelli, just for them to know what’s going on. It’s just like, everybody’s going through a stressful time. He was at the top of the iceberg. He was about to take off. That was his moment and the same thing that happened to Stack Bundles happened to him. It seems like a cycle. Everybody’s about to blow up and they want to keep it so real and stay here. It doesn’t work like that. Sometimes growth comes with elevation and changing your life with your status, with your progression, with the level you’re trying to get to. You don’t go to Marcy and still see JAY-Z there posted on the block. Sometimes you gotta step back to take two forward. It’s just a sad moment. I felt like it took a piece out of all of us. I felt like all of us lost a piece of us when that happened. So you know, what that part came, I just felt happy for his family.”
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