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June 30, 2022

Idris Elba Reportedly Looking To Purchase Channel 4, Bidding Price Is $1.2 Billion

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Idris Elba Reportedly Looking To Purchase Channel 4, Bidding Price Is $1.2 Billion
Idris Elba is trying to set up a play to make a boss move.
As reported on
, the actor/music producer is "having discussions" with Marc Boyan, the founder and CEO of the marketing and communications firm The Miroma Group.
to purchase Channel 4.
Idris' move comes after the government announced they'll privatize Channel 4 to "gain long-term funding as streaming giants, such as Amazon Prime and Netflix" expand. Currently, the channel is a free public service broadcaster that "boasts ownership of the UK's largest free streaming service, All 4, as well as their 12-channel network."
Nadine Dorries, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport, said the move is in hopes to "free the channel from the constraints of the state." Dorries described opposition to the move as "lazy, overwrought and ill-inform rhetoric from the Leftie luvvie lynch mob."
British broadcasters have concerns over the "potential removal of the channel's legislative responsibilities, ability to nurture new talent and reflect cultural diversity and show alternative programming."
Idris, born in London Borough of Hackney, London, United Kingdom, opened up about the importance of British television and his experience with Channel 5. He told
: "At the time, Channel 5 didn't have lots of viewers. Few thousand, probably? But because they were a new channel, they were courageous, they put lots of new young actors on screen, and I hold the experience close to my heart. It was a time that exploded my confidence."
The bid is for $1.2 billion, originally $2 billion.
Other companies bidding for the channel will "likely include" Comcast, Paramount Vivendi, and Discovery.
notes Idris currently owns his own production company, Green Door Pictures. He has a project underway with Apple TV+ for an upcoming thriller series called Hijacked. If Idris gets Channel 4, it'll be the biggest project in his career.
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