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July 7, 2022

Iggy Azaela’s Sensual Twerks In See-Through Pants Go Viral

Celebrity Iggy Azalea Video Viral
Iggy Azaela’s Sensual Twerks In See-Through Pants Go Viral
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Iggy Azalea has the internet going bonkers.

A video went viral of the rapper. In the footage, Iggy performs on stage in front of a large crowd. During the show, the rapper gave fans a twerk session in mint green sheer/see-through pants. 

Take a look: 

In other Iggy news, she’s been getting more transparent with fans via IG Story. She revealed her real name, Amethyst Amelia Kelly. In addition, she showed pictures from her childhood and the home she grew up in Australia and Mullumbimby, New South Wales.

In one of the photos, Iggy sported a tutu and was in a hallway. In the caption, she wrote, “I think I always was meant to be on stage.” Iggy traveled to America at 16 to chase her dream in the music industry. 

She uploaded a video on YouTube, went viral, and ultimately got signed to T.I’s Grand Hustle label in 2012. That year, Iggy made history as XXL’s first freshman female rapper. Things didn’t work out with Iggy and T.I, and they had a falling out. Iggy signed with Def Jam (Island Records) in 2013 but split in 2018. In 2018, Iggy signed a $2.7 million distribution deal with Empire. 

In 2020, Iggy became a mother. She had a baby boy, named Onyx, with the rapper Playboi Carti. She’s big on keeping her family life private, fans didn’t know at first that she was having a baby. Around the time she revealed her bundle of joy, she said, “I want to keep his life private, but wanted to make it clear he is not a secret & I love him beyond words.”

Iggy and Carti dated since 2018, but seemingly partied ways after their son was born. In an online post, Iggy wrote a cryptic message and said, “you lost a real one,” referring to Carti. She continued, “People take loyalty for granted & that’s why I’d rather be alone. One thing I’ll never understand is how liars live with themselves. That shit don’t eat y’all up inside?”

Earlier this year it was reported Iggy and Carti aren’t in a good co-parenting space. Hopefully, they can get there.