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May 19, 2022

'I'm Learning How To Live Again' Meagan Good Speaks On Life After Divorce

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'I'm Learning How To Live Again' Meagan Good Speaks On Life After Divorce
Meagan Good is speaking out after getting a divorce last year.
During an
with People,
shared that she's ready for her next chapter in life. She said, "I'm excited about what's next, and I feel very hopeful." She went on to talk more about the season of life she's in and said, "Life is not just short, it's precious, and so I am just being really intentional about being present."
Meagan went on to talk about
she relearned about herself. She said she's learning not to be a "people pleaser." In addition, she said, "I've learned
not everybody's going to get you or like you, and that's OK. And knowing who your tribe is and being really thankful for that, and knowing sometimes they're not your tribe — that's OK too." She went on to say, "It's been a lot of changes like going through a divorce."
She ended with a
about love saying, "loving and treating people with respect regardless, and never letting how people treat you change the integrity of who you want to be. I think in this season especially, I'm learning to live again in a different way."
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At the end of last year, Meagan and her
, religious leader DeVon Franklin, announced their divorce. After nine years, they called it quits. The news of the couple's divorce came as a shock to some fans, though others
things were going left when neither DeVon or Meagan made appearances on the other's social media accounts.
Around the time of the divorce, DeVon spoke out and said, "I share this with you because it is the most honest way to start this year. … So often I've come into a new year with all the things I hope to do better and I would carry around this feeling of 'I didn't do enough last year' or 'I'm not enough so I must do…more,'" he added. "I'm breaking my addiction to the 'new' and
on being fully committed to what's 'true.'" In addition,
"I am fully in pain and peace as we start 2022, and that's the
for me to be."