April 19, 2021

Lil Nas X Opens Up About His Mother’s Battle With Substance Abuse

Lil Nas X Opens Up About His Mother’s Battle With Substance Abuse

Lil Nas X is known for trolling his fans, but this time around, he touched on a serious topic.

In since-deleted Tweets, the “Panini” rapper admitted his relationship with his mother is strained. He also mentioned even though she’s an addict, he’s trying to help her, but it gets frustrating. Recently he said he hates speaking about his personal life.

He said, “But y’all n*ggas don’t know how many nights I’ve cried myself to sleep feeling guilty because nothing I tried would help my mom.” He continued, “Paint me as the bad guy all you want, but at the end of the day, you don’t know me outside of this internet sh*t.” Last year, Lil Nas X said online, 

“She’s an addict, so we don’t have the closest relationship. Even trying to get her better – things didn’t quite work out. But there’s still love…” 

Lil Nas X’s father spoke out online. They typically keep their family matters private, but his pops felt the need to address the situation. Lil Nas X’s dad gave his son props and said he’s a blessing. He also addressed the mom being on drugs and said he loves her no matter what. He said, “Despite what people say, @lilnasx is the greatest kid a parent can be BLESSED with. Although his mom is in a struggle with an addiction, she’s STILL a QUEEN, and he goes through great lengths to make sure we’re taking care of.” He went on to say,

“Those who have family members and friends dealing with addiction understand that there ain’t enough money you can throw at this situation to make it right. I don’t usually address personal issues publicly but felt like this need to be.”

Take a look at screenshots captured by The Shade Room:

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Lil Nas X dropped his controversial single/video “Montero (Call Me By Your Name) which sparked spit reactions after the rapper took a wild ride to hell. Lil Nas X continued to fuel and play with satanic imagery when he dropped an unofficial Nike collab and dropped his “Satan Shoe.” Ultimately Nike sued the company that released the shoe, and Nas X apologized.