December 31, 2019

Man Who Grabbed Lady Off Train In Viral Video CAUGHT By STREETS + POLICE! 

Man Who Grabbed Lady Off Train In Viral Video CAUGHT By STREETS + POLICE! 

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CRAZY world we live in!

In a viral video, a man on an NYC subway was watching a girl sleep next to her companion. Then the man watching the couple proceeded to grab the woman off of the man while they were sleeping. He literally picked her up and took her off the train in what appears to be an attempted abduction. 

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A video that went viral yesterday shows a man attempting to abduct a young woman as she slept on an #NYC subway train. . If you’re like me, you’re suspicious of the fact that someone was recording (especially in the wake of a high-profile kidnapping that turned out to be fake). . However, this incident was real, which means someone was going to record an abduction without lifting a finger to help. . The man in the orange outfit is 48-year-old #SonnyAlloway. He has since been found, beaten up by civilians, and then taken to the hospital for treatment, where he was arrested and charged with unlawful imprisonment.

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This immediately woke the young lady up and she was able to fight the deranged man off. In the video, the girl was shocked at what just and could be heard screaming. 

The man was able to get away but word traveled fast on the streets and he was BEAT up by strangers. In the video, you can hear a man saying, “you like raping little girls?”