July 27, 2018

Monica Responds To Brandy On ‘Boy Is Mine’ Beef [VIDEO]

Monica Responds To Brandy On ‘Boy Is Mine’ Beef [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: Raymond Hall/Getty Images)

“Not yours, but mine.”

Back in 1998, two of the biggest r&b stars Brandy and Monica collaborated to record one of the most popular songs titled “The Boy Is Mine.”

Nearly 20 years later, the rumors of beef between the two stars continued after Brandy said that the single was *her* song at the 2018 ESSENCE Music Festival.

Monica kept it classy with the clap back, staying positive as she asked for women to stick together.

“The only time they called a little Black girl from the country to the big stage, an amazing woman, Ms. Brandy Norwood,” she said. “See, the thing is, if we lift each other up, we can do a whole lot.”

Then she began performing “For You I Will,” dedicating the track to sisterhood.

Check it out below.