August 7, 2020

Mother Of Meek Mill’s Son, Milano, Checked A ‘Fan’ For Disrespecting Her

Mother Of Meek Mill’s Son, Milano, Checked A ‘Fan’ For Disrespecting Her

 Meek Mill and Milano broke up and you would have thought the Internet was in the relationship with them.

Online users have been chiming in on the situation, giving their two cents about the split. A few weeks ago we reported the story, Meek Mill made the announcement on Twitter and reassured people that it wasn’t due to a “fall out,” they just decided to go their separate ways. 

Milano seemingly addressed it on social media but isn’t bothered by it at all. Recently, on Milano’s Instagram, she made a post and an online user decided to comment. On Milan/ caption, she wrote, 

“All I do is take care of my son and mind the business that pays me. @milanodirouge @womanaireclub @mamanaireclub.”

A social media user wrote a rude message under Milano’s post, calling Milano “sad” for “just being a baby mother,” and could have been a wife. Milano wrote a lengthy respectful clap back, reminding the “fan” that she’s more than just a BM. Take a look at a screenshot captured by Hollywood Unlocked blog:



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Meek Mill and Milano welcomed their baby boy on May 6, which also happens to be Meek’s birthday. This is Meek’s second child and this is Milano’s first. It’s not clear exactly how long they were dating, Milano shared the news that she was expecting back in December of 2019. People reports in 2012, Meek bought one of her hoodies from her brand and says they were friends since.