June 11, 2019

Nas May Have Confirmed ‘The Lost Tapes II’

Nas May Have Confirmed ‘The Lost Tapes II’

photo credit: Yuliya Christensen / Getty Images

It’s lit! Looks like Nas may be dropping a ‘Lost Tape II.’ The legendary rapper took to his Instagram to post a video of him holding a broken cassette tape with the words “Lost Tape II.” He also included the eyes emoji, which left fans speculating. 

The Lost Tapes was released back in 2002. The project is known arguably as one of the rappers best bodies of work. It includes unreleased songs from “I Am” and “Stillmatic.” For years now the Lost Tape II has been teased, but with some issues with Def Jam, Nas put the project on hold. Well, it looks like the Queens rapper may be giving fans what they’re waiting for. 

Although no release date as of yet, fans are already looking forward to it. One fan commented, “Been waiting for this.”

Are you here for this? Check out the Instagram post below.