August 13, 2019

Nicki Minaj RESPONDS To Trina’s A&R & Confronts Joe Budden

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Nicki Minaj RESPONDS To Trina’s A&R & Confronts Joe Budden
(Photo Credit: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images)

Yesterday (Aug 12), Trina’s head of A&R for Trina’s music label Rockstarr Music Group decided to call out Nicki Minaj on Instagram after feeling that the Queens rapper did not promote the single “BAPS” enough which was released in June.

Reginald Saunders decided to call Nicki a “deceiver” and “manipulator” in a long Instagram post, in which he followed with another right after doubling up on his claims.

“I refuse to hold my tongue and I’m sure a lot of artist need to know this on their journey of music if you collab support the artist or don’t do the feature PERIOD!”

Some of his backlash comes after the promotion of Nicki Minaj’s latest collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion on their latest single “Hot Girl Summer.”

During a conversation on her latest episode of Queen Radio, Nicki partially addressed the situation.

“Trina’s camp is saying I didn’t do enough to push the ‘BAPS’ video,” she said. “Like, what the f***!? Until you are no longer a human being you will always care. The people that I helped are the ones that start the narrative, so that’s the problem. And I can so much that I don’t. But I will say I’m not addressing men anymore, address my husband.” 

She also confirmed that her and her husband will be married within 90 days after recently receiving their marriage license.

During the show, she also confronted Joe Budden who was a guest on the show. Nicki was heated over a conversation on the Joe Budden Podcast in which he claimed that the Instagram Live session with Megan Thee Stallion was staged, and that he called her a drug addict.

“I went on Live to discuss the ‘MEGATRON’ winners, and when I was on there I saw a lot of people telling me to go on with Megan,” she said. “She basically hinted at the fact she wanted me on the song. […] When we got off the live I spoke with [her team].”

She then continued.

“You like tearing down women when they can’t defend themselves,” Nicki said as the two went back and forth. “Thank you for being here by the way. Don’t call me Fam, that’s how I know you’re mad. F*** out of her fam”

Nicki then denied doing drugs.

“I just want ownership if you said something,” she said as he then left the room. “Even now I have no issue with Joe. But people have to take ownership especially when they’re part of this culture.”