March 4, 2021

Nicki Minaj’s Husband Kenneth Petty’s Alleged Rape Victim Says She Was Bribed To Recant Her Story

Nicki Minaj’s Husband Kenneth Petty’s Alleged Rape Victim Says She Was Bribed To Recant Her Story

Kenneth Petty’s alleged rape victim claims she’s being bribed to recant her story.

The accuser is identified as Jennifer. She alleges when she was 16, she was raped by Petty in 1994, who was 15 at the time. In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Jennifer claims Nicki Minaj, and people close to the rapper, are allegedly trying to convince her to recant her story. Jennifer said, “I’m hoping for the truth to come out, and whatever comes from that truth, to let it be. After everything that has happened, it’s like, these people were willing to sacrifice me so this guy could remain in the public eye.”

Jennifer also claims her some of her family, who have a close relationship with The Pettys, turned their backs on her. She said, “I feel like my family was willing to sacrifice me.”

The Pettys have always denied the allegations. Back in 2019, during an episode of Nicki’s Apple Music radio show, Queen Radio, the “Yikes” rapper said Jennifer wanted to recant her story in 1995 but allegedly changed her mind when she learned she could serve jail time for filing a false report. Nicki also alluded that people believed Jennifer over her husband because Jennifer is white. However, Jennifer claims to be biracial, according to The Jasmine Brand.

During Jennifer’s interview with The Daily Beast, she denied ever trying to take her story back. She also claims she was offered $20,000, by a childhood friend who also knows Kenneth Petty, to sign a letter stating that she lied in 1994. Jennifer said, “I came outside and sat in the car, and he pulled out the letter and the $20,000 out of his middle console and put the money on my lap. And I held it in my hands, and I put it on the floor in the passenger seat. And I told him, ‘I’m not taking it. I don’t want it.’” Jennifer continued,

“It was like this dude, he really doesn’t give two s***ts about me. It’s like, d***, don’t you know I’m a mother of four? Don’t you know I have kids? These are things I’m saying to him, and to have him come back to me and tell me, ‘Well, you know how many girls can say that I probably raped them?’”

Jennifer claims she moved three times last year for her safety. She also says that Nicki allegedly contacted her last March and asked her if the incident happened. According to Jennifer, Nicki said, “Listen. I just need you to know, woman to woman, this really happened.”

The mother of four says the number has since been disconnected. Jennifer also says she’s been in contact with U.S. Marshals who said an investigation of the Pettys is underway and that they’ve found evidence.

In 1995 Petty was convicted for first-degree attempted rape. He served nearly 4 years at a NY state prison and was required to register as a sex offender.