December 24, 2018

NJ Wrestling Referee Who Made Black Student Cut Off Locks Banned From Matches [VIDEO]

NJ Wrestling Referee Who Made Black Student Cut Off Locks Banned From Matches [VIDEO]

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Some people online were FURIOUS when they saw a video of a wrestling high school student having to cut off his locks before a match. While others are calling it a safety issue, some say it’s a race issue.

In the video, Andrew Johnson was being a good sport while having to let go of his locks before his match. Reported on NYDN, Andrew was given two options by the referee, Alan Maloney, cut off the locks or forfeit the game. Andrew ultimately won the match, but when the video went viral, it was heavily criticized.

The article also reports that the school’s superintendent, “David Cappuccio Jr. said neither the school nor the district influenced Johnson’s decision to cut off his dreadlocks, but vowed that they would take ‘appropriate action’ as more details about the incident are made clear.” As of now, Alan is being investigated and is banned from referring games at any Buena Regional School District.

This is the video of Andrew getting his locks cut off:

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Thoughts… #Repost @vanlathan with @get_repost ・・・ This young brother was forced to cut his locks off before a match, because a ref refused to allow him to wear his hair cover. This same ref (ALAN MALONEY) HAS A HISTORY OF USING THE N WORD IN THE PAST. He humiliated this young brother, who ended up winning this match. WHY WOULD THIS MAN BE ALLOWED TO BE INVOLVED IN HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS?

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Rp via @exavierpope “I was sick to my stomach. I wanted to puke” – #video of #NewJersey referee Alan Maloney who made #black high school wrestler Andrew Johnson cut his hair before a match. ———————————- #wrestling #highschool #highschoolsports #sports #sportslaw #sportsbiz #news #media #sportsnews #race #racism #dreadlocks #hair #socialjustice #civilrights #newjersey #andrewjohnson #alanmaloney

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Have you guys heard about this??? Black high schooler with dreads (that were covered up) was forced to cut off his dreads on the spot in order to compete! It’s truly horrifying and honestly unthinkable to me. If this is a rule in wrestling, it’s one that needs to be abolished and updated immediately. After watching the video (which made me cry) I also really respected Johnson for being able to compete under such conditions, let alone WIN. But that in itself not only speaks to his personal integrity but how these instances of racism, whether through micro-aggressions or outright abusive behavior, are too banal for 2018/ever. #Repost @real_sharpton ・・・ “Al Sharpton says video of high school wrestler #AndrewJohnson getting his dreadlocks cut before a match is “outrageous,” and shows a tremendous bias against minorities in high school sports. The Rev. ain’t buying the argument that the ref was simply enforcing the rules — and accuses #AlanMaloney of having a “bias” against black people. But, Sharpton also believes the hair rule itself it ridiculous — saying, “I think that it clearly discriminates against people that have a certain cultural bend, and come from a certain identity and racial background.” Sharpton compares the situation to discrimination cases where black employees had been told to get rid of dreadlocks and cornrows to comply with workplace standards. Still, Al says he commends Johnson for winning the match and rising above all of the B.S. that went down in the gym that day.”- @tmz_tv video and article via

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Disgusting and heartbreaking. A referee known for his racism, Alan Maloney (google him), made high school wrestler Andrew Johnson cut off his dreads or lose the match. They were covered and gave him no advantage. So he cut them off. He won the match. But this never should’ve been allowed.

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