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May 17, 2022

Portrait Tattoo Of E 40 Goes Viral, ‘Get Your F*cking $ Back Right Now’

HOT News
Portrait Tattoo Of E 40 Goes Viral, ‘Get Your F*cking $ Back Right Now’
An E 40 fan that got a portrait tattoo of the rapper is going viral.
XXL reports an Instagram user and tattoo artist named @inkdonebytone posted an deleted an E 40 tattoo he allegedly worked on. The portrait was on an unidentified woman’s bicep and it sent Twitter wild. The artwork looks nothing like E 40. It looks like some distorted version that’s ultimately a big SMH moment.
Online users got a kick out of it. One user said “get your f*cking money back right now,” with a whole bunch of crying laughing emojis. Another person said, “they got my man E 40 out here looking like Baby Cakes.” Someone else said, “N*gga came in for E 40 and left with Mike Jones.”
Take a look:
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E 40 didn’t publicly respond to the poorly drawn tattoo of him. What do you think of it?
In other E 40 news, in a recent interview, he spoke on entrepreneurship, Mount Westmore and (a supergroup with himself, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and Too $hort). He shared advice for people in business and said, “Believe in your product. Don’t take your foot off the gas. Whatever you’re doing, test it and see if people are accepting it.”
When talking about the supergroup he’s in, he said it started during the pandemic. He said, “It was perfect timing because we were all in the house. We didn’t know what we were dealing with because it was the beginning of the pandemic, so we’d never seen anything like it.”
A few weeks ago, in an interview with Billboard, he spoke on the tragic passing of our own family and hip hop legend DJ Kay Slay aka the Drama King. E 40 showed Kay Slay appreciation for showing him love, even though he was an underdog.” E 40 said,
“I met Kay Slay in the mid-’90s, somewhere around ‘96 or ‘97. He was a real one. When I say a real one, I’m talking about somebody that don’t care about what the media or the industry says about a person. I was always the underdog, and Kay Slay didn’t care about no underdog s–t — he cared about what he liked, because he listened to it with an open mind.”
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