August 31, 2021

R. Kelly Accused Of Grooming/Sexually Abusing A 17 Y.O Boy

R. Kelly Accused Of Grooming/Sexually Abusing A 17 Y.O Boy

The Robert Kelly trial continues….

In the latest update, as reported on sources, R. Kelly is accused of “grooming” and sexually abusing a 17-year-old in 2006. 

As reported in the Jasmine Brand, the alleged victim took the stand. He’s referred to as “Louis,” and is the first male to accuse R. Kelly of sexual abuse. 

Louis claims he met R. Kelly in 2006 while working at a McDonald’s when he was 17 years old. He claims this is when the grooming began. The article points out, “according to Louis, R. Kelly slipped him his phone number one night at a Chicago McDonald’s. Later, the teen attended a party at R. Kelly‘s home with his parents, though he was urged to go alone afterward. ‘Louis’ then alleged he once met with the singer at his home, and they hung out in the garage, where R. Kelly had a boxing ring and gym.” 

Louis claims the disgraced singer asked him what he was willing to do for music. Then he claims he allegedly performed oral sex on R. Kelly. The article also says R. Kelly snapped his fingers, and a woman appeared from underneath a boxing ring, and she performed sexual acts on the boy.

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