April 19, 2021

Safaree Takes Over NYC Streets w/ Quads & Bike Riders For DMX

Safaree Takes Over NYC Streets w/ Quads & Bike Riders For DMX

We will never forget DMX’s legacy! 

As we continue to mourn, fans are doing special tributes for the late legend. Before X passed, his Ruff Ryder family hosted a massive ride out in the White Plains hospital, where DMX was recovering. Hundreds of people flooded the streets, and DMX’s music could be heard throughout the city. Hospital staff paid homage to the “Slippin’” rapper by throwing up X signs. 

Over the weekend, Safaree was out riding on a quad with bikers in a tribute for DMX. Safaree posted a video on Instagram; in the caption, he wrote, 

“I haven’t rode the street in years, but we came out for X today!! RIP DMX Salute to the man who made it mainstream. salute @straightup_631 for lending me 1 of his quads last min.”

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View this post on Instagram


Billboard reports his vigil will be held on April 24 at the Barclays. It’s not clear how many people will be allowed to attend due to COVID-19, but the arena can have 19,000 people. The article reports the service won’t be open to the public, and the Barclays is maxed at 10% capacity. 

DMX touched the Barclays stage in 2017 as part of a Ruff Ryders reunion show and in 2019 at the Masters of Ceremony concert. DMX was only 50 years old. He left behind 15 children and a fiancée, Desire Lindstrom. 

We love you forever, X!